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Atyrau, Ontustik Industrial Zone, building 11B
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Телефон +7 (777) 440 04 04
Open from 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri

About us


The testing laboratory of Atyrau Petrochemical Company LLP was accredited in 2018 and entered into the accreditation register of the National Accreditation Center LLP. The laboratory conducts final control tests of products manufactured by Atyrau Petrochemical Company LLP, including, but not limited to: demulsifiers, inhibitors, bactericides, dispersants (and other reagents) in accordance with the declared scope of accreditation, ensures the correctness of testing, objectivity and reliability results of tests and measurements by annual intra-laboratory control (ILC), inter-laboratory comparative tests (ILCT) and proficiency testing with the test provider (PT).

The laboratory has modern equipment: an apparatus for determining the temperature of the beginning of crystallization of low-freezing liquids ATKt-02, electronic scales BL 3200H from SHIMADZU, humidity analyzer HB43-S from Mettler Toledo GmbH, etc. IL personnel annually improve their qualifications at seminars and advanced training courses organized by Kazakh organizations, such as “KazStandard”, “NCA”, “National Training Center”, etc. The testing laboratory in its work is guided by international and national standards, which are updated annually by the RSE “KazStandard”.

Areas of work

    • Oil production
    • Reagents For Oil Transportation
    • Reagents For Oil Refining And Petrochemistry
    • De-Icing Liquids
    • Regeneration and Reactivation
    • Catalysts And Zeolites
    • Reagents For Water Treatment
    • Chemical And Mechanical Cleaning Of Equipment
    • Reagents For The Mining Industry
    • Cleaning And Chemical Treatment Of Amine Purification Plants
    • Processing Of Ash And Slag Waste Of Chp
    • Concrete Additives
    • Catalysts And Zeolites
    • Additives To Road Bitumen

Certificates and Licenses