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Absorbers of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans

  1. They are used to minimize security risks in oil storage facilities and terminals. Care should be taken when choosing the type of H2S absorber used for use in crude oil. Some products cause the appearance of pollution deposits in atmospheric columns. ANKHK company is ready to offer 3 types of hydrogen sulfide absorbers.
  2. Based on formaldehyde. The cheapest, but no less effective hydrogen sulfide absorber.
  3. Based on triazine. An efficient and safer-to-handle hydrogen sulfide absorber.
  4. Based on zinc carboxylate. More expensive, but with a number of advantages:
    • hydrogen sulfide is converted into an inactive form – zinc sulfide
    • smaller dosages. 1 mole of zinc carboxylate can neutralize 4 moles of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide neutralized by this method has no corrosive activity
    • не требуется двукратная обработка поглотителем: на месторождении и АВТ/АТ. Все реагенты АНХК не содержат хлорорганических соединений.

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